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SICKENING ASPHYXIATION like difficulty breathing in conditions Pain gives birth to many dimensions of thinking someone to be chaotic and mentally ill. like when I make a song with a very fast tempo even faster when a sharp knife will cut your neck. a concept that was completely unthinkable but serious enough for me to show in a lot of inspired music with a lot of sadistic and cruel stories. just when you recall the cruelty that had occurred from a person's mental disorder. Band formed back on June 2016 When the contents of the brain like exploding with crazy ideas, crazy how psychopaths kill victims spontaneously. There are several archetypal images of psychopathy in both lay and professional accounts which only partly overlap and can involve contradictory traits: the charming con artist, the deranged serial killer and mass murderer, the callous and scheming businessperson, and the chronic low-level offender and juvenile delinquent. The public concept reflects some combination of fear of a mythical bogeyman, the disgust and intrigue surrounding evil, and fascination and sometimes perhaps envy of people who might appear to go through life without attachments and unencumbered by guilt, anguish or insecurity. 

Sickening Asphyxiation - Pathological Waste

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